Adult Alternative Perspective Audio Artist Prints

Mastered by DiscMakers Mastering Studios


Listening Gallery/Room V


Giggling While Walking - Bliss


Music as fine art; as a design object

Collection of Digital Audio Artist Prints

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The songs in this print collection were written literally in various decades of the artists' lives.  Many written in somewhat "classic" periods of American music.  Periods of time quite literally dictate the inspirational style and manner of creativity as shown.  Enjoy the experience of these audio artist prints.

   01 - Stepping On January   

   02 - Silently Smiling   

   03 - Bliss   

   04 - Time   

   05 - Touching We So Pronounce   

   06 - Start The Fire It's Getting Cold   

   07 - Thumps Of The Walking Stick   

   08 - Gemini   

   09 - Cruising The Turnpike   

   10 - Down By The Road   

   11 - 19th Street