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The Beginning - The Collaborations

time: 1996 place: Allentown, PA USA "time-place" perspective audio artist prints


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Giggling While Walking - Prickly Speckled Mathematics



Music as fine art; as a design object

Collection of Digital Audio Artist Prints

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These audio "prints" were recorded in collaborations with engineers and artists in two different sound studios.  The first 11 tracks were created myself (t.s.) as the artist in "collaboration" with a profound audio engineer (Paul Sinclair working at Holland Sound Studio, Scranton, PA), as an Artist- Engineer only "collaboration".  Track 12 "Umm Nice" was created by Mandolin Suite as artist in collaboration with guitarist/engineer "Kevin" in his private sound studio, Bronx, NY.  Tracks written and organized primarily in and with the Allentown, PA locale influence from 1993-1996, and recorded in 1996. Note, the lyrics were written when I was in my early 40's at that time.  What may be noted is how different the subject matters are... socially conscious, "voice" of generations, and the like, much like the earlier album oriented rock of earlier fm radio.  That year, younger songwriters wrote more... journalistically, about the nuances of their daily lives and relationships, akin to much of the current songwriting today.  


Mandolin Suite's "Umm Nice" would bud and sprout into explorations and landings, tasting directly of "pop", a progression of urbanization in our unique "voices" empowered by our anticipation of a move to Brooklyn, NY, and steered simply by what interested us as future projects.

Scott Ballier - Drum fills pre-production work.


This collection of "Prints" act as the first "sounding board", or foundation for what would become a significant body of work.

   1 - The Edge        

   2 - You Know Me You Know   

   3 - The Thought    

   4 - Thursday    

   5 - Cruising The Turnpike

   6 - Interlude

   7 - Math

   8 - You're So Good To Me

   9 - The Modern

  10 - Little One

  11 - Nineteenth Street

  12 - Umm Nice